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Steinbach Steinbach

Pool set Ø 366 x 84 cm

  • Robust, strong pool liner
  • High stability due to patented design
  • Very well aligned sand filter unit
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

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Product information

Experience cool refreshment on hot days, with a guaranteed fun factor for the whole family with this Ø 366 x 84 cm size pool set. Water capacity when filled to 80 % is 6.181 l, assembly time is only around 30 minutes. A tear resistant liner ensures high stability and safety. A very good-sized is included for optimum filtration.

Pool form: round
Product dimension: Ø 366 x 84 cm
Product set-up dimensions: Ø 366 x 84 cm
Salt water suitable: yes
Operational area: Outdoor
Mounting options: freestanding
Water capacity: 6.181 l
Water filling height: 66 cm
Material outer lining: laminated PVC
Surface treatment: laminated PVC
Material inner lining: laminated PVC
Liner thickness bottom:
Liner thickness wall:
Color of inner liner: mosaic
Assembly min. number of persons: 2
Assembly time approx.: 4 min
Filter unit:
Number of skimmers:
Inlet nozzle: 1
Pool cover:
Floor protection cover:
Cleaning kit:

Please be aware that the shown product contain only the current scope of delivery, based on 2022.

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01 Filter unit Classic 250N
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04 Pool liner Ø 366 x 84 cm
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01 Filter unit Classic 250N
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03 Repair set for Steinbach Pool Set
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04 Pool liner Ø 366 x 84 cm
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05 Plug for screen connection
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06 Screen connection
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07 Discharge valve cover
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08 Discharge mechanism
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01 Filter unit Classic 250N
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04 Pool liner Ø 366 x 84 cm
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FAQs from category Steinbach Pool Set:

You can order stocked and available spare parts directly in our online shop. There you can find all product information and prices. We recommend that you use the part reference from the operating instructions of your product. This will ensure that you purchase the right and correct spare part.

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Important information

Important notes: This pool is not suitable for building into the ground. Assembly is easiest with two people. Approximate assembly time, depending on the equipment option and size, is from 15 minutes (without preparation work for sub-construction or filling). Watertightness/Class: W0. EN 16582-1 / EN 16582-3. Pool assembly requires an appropriately prepared setup site. This must be absolutely flat and even. The sub-surface must be solid enough to accommodate the weight of a filled pool regardless of the weather. In addition, escaping pool water must be able to flow off easily without causing any damage. Symbolic photos - The pictures shown are for reference only, the actual product may vary.



Prevent any unsupervised access! We strongly recommend surrounding the pools with an appropriate protective fence or creating secure access using a safety ladder. Please contact your local building authorities for further information relating to applicable permit requirements.

When using a swimming pool, you must observe the safety instructions outlined in the instruction and maintenance manuals. To avoid drowning or any other serious injury, please pay particular attention to the possibility of unexpected access to the swimming pool by children under 5. Secure the access to the pool and ensure children are supervised by an adult at all times when swimming. The filter pump may only be used by an adult. Consult local building authorities regarding all installation requirements which may arise.

Keep the packaging for future reference.

Symbol photos

The pictures shown are just for reference, the actual product may differ.