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Steel wall pool set Highline Ø 350 x 132 cm

  • Robust, galvanised, plastic-coated steel casing (approx. 0.40 mm)
  • Solid metal supports
  • Winter-proof inner liner (approx 0.40 mm)
  • Integrated skimmer and pool inlet nozzle
  • It can be completely or partially built into the ground. Please note the fitting instructions

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Product information

The Highline series is ideal for pool owners who love to dive down deep. The water depth of approx. 120 cm is almost unbeatable. Then there is the solid construction of the Nuovo de Luxe series with its extra wide handrail and strong retaining structure. A strong steel wall (approx. 0.40 mm) and the winter-proof inner liner (approx. 0.40 mm) allow the use all year round. No more will you have to disassemble your pool for the winter months. The set includes inlet nozzles, skimmer set, swimming pool connection hoses and hose clamps to ensure optimal circulation. It is also supplied with an access ladder. We advise using the Comfort filter unit to ensure optimal circulation and crystal clear water. The included ladder provides a comfortable entry and exit.

Pool Ø 350 x 132 cm
Wasserinhalt: 11.500 l (Füllhöhe 122 cm)
Robuster, verzinkter und kunststoffbeschichteter Stahlmantel (ca. 0,4 mm)
15 cm breiter Metallhandlauf
Winterfeste Innenfolie (ca. 0,4 mm)
Skimmer- und Düsenstanzung
Einbauskimmer und Beckeneinlaufdüse
Anschluss-Schläuche und Schlauchklemmen
Filter unit Comfort 50, 8.500 l/h
Standardleiter (ungesicherte Zugangseinrichtung)


Der Erdeinbau ist teilweise oder komplett möglich.

Please be aware that the shown product contain only the current scope of delivery, based on 2022.

HOR Handrail for pool Ø 350 cm
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
PL Pool coping L: 95 cm
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
TO/TU/AR Screw set for pool height 120 cm
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
TO2 Screw set for pool Ø 550 cm
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
VER Side panel, vertical support
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
Free shipping
including 20% VAT
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
Free shipping
including 20% VAT
Free shipping
including 20% VAT
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FAQs from category Steel wall pools:

You can order stocked and available spare parts directly in our online shop. There you can find all product information and prices. We recommend that you use the part reference from the operating instructions of your product. This will ensure that you purchase the right and correct spare part.

Important information

Important notes: Please note that this pool type requires the construction of a coving, this can be done with polystyrene wedges or with sand. Please refer to the instructions for a detailed description of the fillet. This pool type is suitable for installation on a paved surface. It must be stable enough to withstand the weight of a filled pool regardless of the weather. In addition, the possibility must be created that leaking pool water can drain off without causing any damage. The installation in the ground (only with pressure protection) is possible partially or completely. Please note that for underground installation the pool wall must be statically protected against earth pressure. It is easiest to install the pool with at least three people. The approximate installation time is from 3 hours, depending on the equipment variant and size (without preparatory work for substructure or filling). The effective water depth is -10 cm from the steel casing height. Watertightness / class: W0. EN 16582-1 / EN 16582-3. Due to the complexity of the product, please download the operating instructions. ATTENTION! Steel wall pools are not suitable for salt water! All important questions, such as installation requirements or legal building requirements, will be answered by your local specialist.


Caution! When using a swimming pool, following the safety instruction in the instruction manual and the maintenance instructions is a condition of use. To avoid drowning or other serious injury, please pay particular attention to unexpected access to the swimming pool by children under 5 years old. Please secure access to the pool and ensure that children are always supervised by adults while swimming.

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