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Steinbach Steinbach

Styropor®stone Big Stone

  • Simple plug system
  • Optimal insulation
  • 5 cm tread-resistent hook seam panels

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Product information

Styrofoam stones are the most important construction element for the construction of a massive pool. The stones can be cut to size with a knife or saw without any problems. Built-in parts such as skimmers, inlet nozzles or underwater spotlights can be installed precisely and effortlessly in the Styrofoam. The advantage over concrete formwork blocks lies on the one hand in the easier handling when building up or cutting out and the smooth surface, and on the other hand in the heat-insulating effect.

Dimensions: 125 x 25 x 50 cm
Concrete filling quantity per block: approx. 0,083 m³


Caution! When using a swimming pool, following the safety instruction in the instruction manual and the maintenance instructions is a condition of use. To avoid drowning or other serious injury, please pay particular attention to unexpected access to the swimming pool by children under 5 years old. Please secure access to the pool and ensure that children are always supervised by adults while swimming.

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