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Steinbach Steinbach

Zinc plate

  • For equipotential bonding of stainless steel conductors in connection with saltwater systems
  • Helps prevent the corrosion of stainless steel

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Product information

The zinc plate is used for potential equalisation of stainless steel conductors in connection with salt water disinfection. It prevents rusting or helps against corrosion of your stainless steel ladders. Assembly: Screw the zinc plate to the outside of your stainless steel ladder. The mounting must be done on the inside of the pool and below the water level. Make sure that the zinc plate is replaced every season!

FAQs from category Ladder accessories:

INTEX ladders are rustproof, but not rust-resistant. Please remove the ladder after each use. An incorrectly adjusted pH value or too high a chlorine value can cause rust to form in a very short time. If you operate your pool with salt water, you will need a zinc plate, which is used for equipotential bonding for ladders in connection with salt water systems. Salt water and salt water vapours can otherwise cause the material to rust. 

The maximum load weight of 136 kg must not be exceeded. 

Important information

Make sure that the zinc plate is replaced every season!

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Caution! When using a swimming pool, following the safety instruction in the instruction manual and the maintenance instructions is a condition of use. To avoid drowning or other serious injury, please pay particular attention to unexpected access to the swimming pool by children under 5 years old. Please secure access to the pool and ensure that children are always supervised by adults while swimming.

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