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Solar covers for circular pools Ø 600 cm

  • Heats your pool using the power of the sun
  • Reduces evaporation of the water
  • Saves up to 70% of heating costs
  • Less cleaning and use of pool chemicals required
  • Professional quality thickness of 300 µm
As low as €139.00
Solarabdeckplane für Rundbecken Ø 600 cm, Stärke 300 µm

Product description

These solar pool covers offer you a simple and economical way to heat your pool with the power of the sun. These insulating covers can be used with all swimming pools up to this size.

Benefits for you:

  • For maintaining water temperature
  • Rapid heating
  • Water can be 3 - 5 °C warmer
  • Extend the swimming season
  • Professional quality thickness of 300 µm
  • Simply place on the water
  • Can be cut with scissors

Important information

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