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Cabrio Dom for oval pools 550 x 360 cm

  • Extend the swimming season
  • warm swimming water
  • Reduction in the amount of cleaning required
  • Reduction in the amount of pool chemicals used
UVP €1,190.00
inclusive of VAT
This product is available in home improvement stores and online shops.
Cabrio Dom für ovale Becken 550 x 360 cm, mit breiten Handlauf

Product description

Cabrio Doms are a reliable and, above all, cost effective alternative to significantly extend the swimming season in your pool. This kind of cover can be used with almost any type of oval steel wall pool. The folding hinge used on both sides makes it possible to open the cover like a convertible. This version is used with oval swimming pools with wide hand rails.


Benefits for you:

  • 5 - 6 ° C warmer water, extends the swimming season by 4 - 6 weeks, significantly reduces maintenance required.
  • The Cabrio Dom consists of an anodised aluminium frame and a robust cover and fixings.
  • Height depending on pool size approx 145 - 165 cm.

Note: Part of the pool is uncovered when opened.

Important information

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