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Steinbach Steinbach

Steinbach filter unit Classic 400

  • Powerful filter unit for pools up to 33,000 l capacity
  • Connectors for all common pools Ø 32/38 mm
  • 7 way valve with adjustment lever and pressure gauge
  • Comprehensive range of accessories available
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Steinbach Filter unit Classic 400, circulation power 6,6m³/h, 230 V/450 W, 7 way valve, connector Ø 32/38 mm

Product description

The filter unit has a circulation power of 6.600 l/h, the connection is 230 V/450 W. This filter unit can be used for pools with approx. 33.000 l water content and can be used on all commercially available Installation pools can be connected with a hose connection Ø 32/38 mm. The filter unit can be used up to a maximum water temperature of 35 ° C. To maintain crystal-clear and sparkling pool water, the filter system can be operated with filter sand as well as with Steinbach Filter Balls as filter medium.


Technical data:

  • Filter pump 040920
  • Circulation power 6,600 l/h
  • Self-priming pump with pre-filter
  • Maximum water temperature 35 °C
  • 230 V/450 W
  • 7 way valve with pressure gauge
  • Tank Ø 370 mm
  • Connector Ø 32/38 mm
  • Ground plate
  • For pools up to 33,000 l capacity
  • Available separately: Steinbach container for Steinbach UV System

Usable filter media:

  • Original Steinbach Filter Balls
  • Filter sand approx. 25 kg grain size 0.70- 1.20 mm

Transparent inspection window for the filter cleaning process

Every filter unit must be cleaned at regular intervals using the backwash and rinse procedure. But it is not actually very easy to check accurately whether the filter sand has been cleaned adequately. We have the answer to this for you in the inspection window, which is built into the 7 way valve. Now you can make a visual check of the water flowing out of the filter unit towards the pipe. This facilitates efficient and above all water saving cleaning.


Pressure control

A pressure gauge built into the 7 way valve doesn’t just show you the current operational pressure in your sand filter unit, it also shows the status of the filtration medium. The scale is divided into three sections.

GREEN = perfect filtration

AMBER = BACKWASH the unit soon (clean the filter sand)

RED = BACKWASH the unit immediately, filtration no longer guaranteed.

Important information

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