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Filter unit accessories

  • High quality foam for use in the pool area
  • Can be washed out
  • Perfect fit for filter unit Comfort 50 series

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Tailored pool filter insert for filter unit Comfort 50. Filters the smallest particles of floating dirt and contaminants from the pool. The set comes with Bioballs.

FAQs from category Filter unit accessories:

How long should my filter system be running?

The filter system should circulate your pool water at least twice a day. Our Comfort 75 filter system, for example, manages approx. 8,000 litres per hour and can therefore completely circulate a pool with 19,000 litres once in just under 2.5 hours.

Should the filter system run during bathing?

No, the filter system may only run when the pool is not in use. On the one hand, there is a risk of injury from the suction nozzle, on the other hand, dirt particles are swirled around during use, which the system cannot filter. 

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