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Steinbach Steinbach

Steinbach Filter pump SPS 75-1 T

  • Powerful filter pump
  • High-quality plastic
  • Self-priming pump with pre-filter
As low as €109.00
Steinbach Filter pump SPS 75-1 T, integrated timer switch, self-priming, 30 V/450 Watt, Q= 142 l/min, max. pump height 9 m

Product description

Pool pumps are the powerhouse of the pool cycle. The Steinbach Filter pump SPS 75-1 T has a pump capacity of 8,520 l/h. The connection for the self-priming pump with pre-filter is 230 V/450 W. This filter pump can be used for pools with approx. 33.000 l water content. The connector is Ø 32/38 mm. The pump can be used up to a maximum water temperature of 35 ° C and a maximum pool size of 33,000 litres. The filter pump has an integrated timer.

Technical data:

  • For filter unit Comfort 50 + Active Balls 50 + Classic 400
  • 230 V/450 W
  • Pump capacity 8,520 l/h
  • Max. Pump height 9 m
  • Self-priming pump with pre-filter
  • Connector Ø 32/38 mm
  • Maximum water temperature 35 °C
  • Maximum pool size 33,000 litres
  • Noise level ca. 70 db
  • Integrated timer switch

Important information

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