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Solar showers

  • PVC tank with 18 l capacity
  • Adjustable shower head
  • Divisible for space-saving storage
  • Connection mechanism for garden hose
  • Hot / cold rotary valve


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The simplest and most effective way to get warm water using solar energy! The 215 cm high Solar showers has a 18 l large plastic tank, a cold / warm water rotary valve and comes apart for space saving storage. Maximum operating pressure is 3 bar, and a connection for a garden hose comes as standard. The dimensions of the stand socket are 160 x 160 mm (borehole Ø 12 mm).

PVC tank with 18 l capacity
Hot / cold rotary valve
Adjustable shower head
Divisible for space-saving storage
Height: 215 cm
Max. operating pressure 3 bar
Connection for garden hose
Stable stand foot 16 x 16 cm

Duschkopf für Steinbach Solardusche Magic
Required quantity for your set: 1
Schlauch Anschluss für Speedshower Solardusche
Required quantity for your set: 1
Schraube für Mischbatterie
Required quantity for your set: 1
Required quantity for your set: 1

FAQs for Solar showers:

What is the best way to put the two parts of the tank of the Magic Clean solar shower Art. 049000 or 049001 together?

Assembly ideally works with two people. Use lubricant such as Vaseline. Putting it together works a bit difficult because the tank has to seal well when filled.

FAQs from category Solar showers:

The connections are leaking, what can I do?

Try to seal the connections with Teflon tape. 

My shower continues to run for more than 5 minutes at the connections or the shower head, what can I do?

Please contact the Service Centre, short dripping of the shower is OK, this is an automatic overheating or overpressure protection. Long dripping must be checked. 

Can the solar shower be left standing over the winter?

No, the shower is not frost-proof. Please disassemble the shower and remove all water from the pipes and the tank as soon as the outside temperature drops below 10 ° C. The shower must be stored in a dry, frost-proof room. 

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