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Bypass set

  • High quality plastic
  • Suitable for swimming pool hoses Ø 32/38 mm
  • Complete set including hose clamps

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Product information

You can control the flow of water in a targeted way using the 3 way valve included in your delivery. This is of particular advantage when used to control heat output with solar units or heat pumps. The set can be used with a swimming pool hose size Ø 32/38 mm. The full set doesn’t just contain the 3 way valve, but also the matching hose nozzles, including hose clips, teflon tape and 1 T piece.

Please be aware that the shown product contain only the current scope of delivery, based on 2022.

FAQs from category Solar:

In general: For every 1 m difference in height (installation height top edge solar system / filter system) the pressure in the filter tank increases by 0.1 bar. This additional pressure not only reduces the performance of the filter pump, but can also damage the vessel in extreme cases. If you have a performance diagram for the filter pump (only for sand filter systems) check the effect of the additional pressure. The main question is not whether the vessel will burst, but whether there is still sufficient circulation with the existing filter system. For sand filter systems, we recommend a maximum height difference of 2 m. For cartridge filter systems, we recommend that you start with 1 piece of solar collector and slowly expand. Attention! A cartridge filter system does not have the same pump pressure as a sand filter system. In many cases, it already stops with one collector connected. These filter systems are not designed to pump upwards. Place the collector directly next to the filter system on the ground.

The solar mats must be connected after the filter system and then the filter system must be switched on.

The solar mats and solar collectors only function with solar radiation, the black containers/ mats are heated exclusively by solar radiation. The pool water must be pumped through the mats/collectors with the filter system, which is then heated there.   

Check that all connections are correctly connected. Switch on the filter system. Use the maximum possible solar radiation and increase the running time of the filter pump. Cover the pool overnight to prevent heat loss.

In many solar systems, the diameter for the water flow is reduced and with it the entire circulation capacity of the existing filter system. To eliminate this potential problem in advance, we recommend using a bypass set. This not only regulates the heating output, but also specifically controls the water flow.

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