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Seal kit Skimmer/inlet nozzle S1


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Seal kit for skimmer and nozzle consists of 1 x rectangular seal, 3 x round seals.

FAQs from category Skimmer:

When there is a swell (heavy bathing) the upper ring of the skimmer lifts, what can I do?

This is normal; compared to alternatives, the Intex skimmer does not have a lock to prevent it from floating up. To counteract this, weigh down the strainer basket or remove these parts from the skimmer housing during bathing.

What is the skimmer net needed for?

The skimmer net prevents larger impurities (leaves, hair, etc.) from getting into the pre-filter or supports sand filters that have a pump without a pre-filter; this prevents the water wheel from getting stuck in the pump.

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