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  • Reduces strain on the filter
  • Low cleaning effort required for the filter
  • Protection for the filter pump

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The hygienic one way filter, which can be used with all types of skimmer basket up to Ø 155 mm reduces strain and therefore the amount of cleaning for your filter system. Coarse and fine dirt particles are held back before they even get to the filter: this also helps protect the filter pump. (Contents 12 nets)

FAQs from category Skimmer:

What is the skimmer net needed for?

The skimmer net prevents larger impurities (leaves, hair, etc.) from getting into the pre-filter or supports sand filters that have a pump without a pre-filter; this prevents the water wheel from getting stuck in the pump.

When there is a swell (heavy bathing) the upper ring of the skimmer lifts, what can I do?

This is normal; compared to alternatives, the Intex skimmer does not have a lock to prevent it from floating up. To counteract this, weigh down the strainer basket or remove these parts from the skimmer housing during bathing.

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