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Superflock liquid

  • To bundle suspended particles (cause of turbidity) in the water
  • Improves the effectiveness of the sand filter
  • For crystal clear water
  • Not suitable for cartridge filters!

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Product information

Superflock liquid, 1,00 l ,

Liquid turbidity remover for sand filters

USAGE: Water care product. Superflock liquid ensures that even the finest suspended particles are bundled to larger clumps. The filter can catch these flakes in the sand and, in the course of the next backwashing, remove them from the system. This product is NOT suitable for cartridge filters.

For private swimming pools only.

DOSAGE: The pH-value of the water has to be between 7.0 and 7.4 to get the best results. The flocculation acts optimally only during the filtration process directly in the feed line, therefore flocculants should never be given directly into the pool. Add at least 0.15 ml per m³ of circulated swimming pool water by use of a dosage pump. The amount of the addition depends on the number of visitors and the circulation time. To sharpen the sand filter, pour 100 - 200 ml Superflock liquid per 10 m³ of swimming pool water slowly into the skimmer while the circulation pump is running. Then shutdown the circulating pump immediately for ca. 15 min., so that flakes can form. Afterwards filter as long as the turbidity is eliminated. If turbidity is still not fully eliminated, backwash filter and repeat the addition.


Important information

GENERAL INFORMATION:This product is to be used exclusively for the purposes stated in the description. The effect starts immediately after use. All dosing instructions base on experience values and are nonbinding.

Store cool and dry in a light-protected and well-ventilated place. Always transport and store the container in an upright, vertical position.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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