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Hydro Aeration Set 1900

  • Improved circulation and filtration

  • Improved water clarity

  • Improved air quality

As low as €7.70
Hydro Aeration Set 1900 f. INTEX filter unit 7,2 - 9,2 m³/h, connection 38 mm

Product description

The innovative Hydro Aeration Technology™ for Intex Pools improves the circulation and filtration of the pool water and makes the water healthier and more comfortable. The Hydro Aeration Technology™ improves the water clarity and the air freshness around the pool. The Hydro Aeration Technology™ is suitable for Intex Pools with a hose connection of Ø 38 mm and a filter unit with a performance of 7.200 l/h.


Improved Circulation and Filtration

Fine particles in water clump together and settle to the bottom of the pool during the aeration process, making it easier to filter and remove sediments through the filtration system. The improved filtration and circulation make the pool water healthier and more comfortable.


Improved Water Clarity

By mixing air with water, the aeration process induces oxidation of iron and manganese, eliminating staining in water. The result is sparkling pool water that looks and feels great!


Increased Negative Ions at the Water Surface!

Increased negative ions have been proven to improve the air freshness around the pool as it removes air pollutants and neutralizes free radicals that affect air quality.

Important information

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