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Easy Set Pools® Ø 457 x 122 cm

  • 3 ply SUPER-TOUGH® material
  • Non-return air valve
  • 2 way protected emptying valve
  • Drainage connector
  • Shut-off device for filter unit
  • Safety ladder with removable steps

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Product information

Experience cool refreshment on hot days, with a guaranteed fun factor for the whole family with this Ø 457 x 122 cm size Easy Set Pool from the world’s number 1 INTEX. Water capacity when filled to 80% is 14.141 l, assembly time is only around 15 minutes. Stability and safety are guaranteed by the floor liner thickness 0,50 mm mm, wall 0,58 mm and air ring 0,36 mm mm. The cartridge filter unit Cartridge filter unit ECO 638G, 3.407 l/h (included) ensures optimal filtration. The INTEX Hydro Aeration TechnologyTM improves the circulation, filtration, water clarity and the air quality of your pool. A pool cover and protective floor cover give added protection and reduce dirt in the pool. The safety ladder supplied not only makes it easy to climb in and out, it also prevents unauthorised access to the pool, thanks to removable steps.


    Connection for filter unit

    The pool comes with hose connectors Ø 32 mm for INTEX-filter units type ECO as standard. For trouble-free connection we recommend use of these filter pumps, as they have excellent filter performance aligned for this pool, and also the necessary connections. With other models, you must buy the required connector elements separately.


    Closure cap for filter connector

    • Do you want to run your pool without filter technology?
    • Would you like to replace your filter cartridges?
    • Is your filter pump being serviced?

    No problem!

    Just use the connector cap which came with your basic equipment to block off the filter connection. Push it into the opening in the filter connection on the inner side of the pool liner to block. Quick, easy, efficient.

    Pool Ø 457 x 122 cm
    Water capacity at 80 % fill: 14.141 l
    Water surface Ø {201}
    Water depth 104 cm
    Liner thickness floor 0,50 mm
    Liner thickness wall 0,58 mm
    Liner thickness air ring 0,36 mm
    Cartridge filter unit Cartridge filter unit ECO 638G, 3.407 l/h
    Protective floor covers PE 75 g/m²
    Vinyl covers, 0.18 mm thick
    INTEX Hydro Aeration TechnologyTM
    Safety ladder with removable steps, max. load 136 kg

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    01 Pool liner, Easy Set Pool Ø 457 x 122 cm
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    02 End cap for hose connection
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    03 Ground tarp for pools up to Ø 472 cm
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    including 20% VAT
    Free shipping
    including 20% VAT
    including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs

    FAQs from category Above ground pools:

    The ground should be firm and stable. The ground should not be slippery, otherwise there is a possibility that the frames may slip away from the pool.

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    Important information

    Important notes: This pool is not suitable for building into the ground. Assembly is easiest with two people. Approximate assembly time, depending on the equipment option and size, is about 15 minutes (without preparation work for sub-construction or filling). Watertightness/Class: W0. EN 16582-1 / EN 16582-3. Pool assembly requires an appropriately prepared setup site, which must be absolutely flat and even. The sub-surface must be solid enough to accommodate the weight of a filled pool regardless of the weather. In addition, leaking pool water must be able to flow off easily without causing any damage.


    Caution! When using a swimming pool, following the safety instruction in the instruction manual and the maintenance instructions is a condition of use. To avoid drowning or other serious injury, please pay particular attention to unexpected access to the swimming pool by children under 5 years old. Please secure access to the pool and ensure that children are always supervised by adults while swimming.

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