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Krystal Clear sand filter unit® &salt water system ECO20220-2

  • Filter pump with pre-filter
  • Connector 2” outer thread
  • 6 way valve with solid adjustment lever
  • Pressure gauge with pressure display
  • Fully automatic salt water electrolysis system
  • Digital display
  • E.C.O. electro-catalytic oxidation
  • Flow sensor
  • INTEX Hydro Aeration TechnologyTM
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Krystal Clear sand filter unit® & salt water system ECO-20220-2 / CG-26680

Product description

Sand filter units have been long regarded by swimming pool owners as one of the best ways to achieve clear, shimmering swimming pool water. Completely natural , low-cost sand performs very well when filtering out dirt particles in the water. This makes the sand filter the simplest filtration method on the market. Salt water systems have also been successfully used for a long time to get clean and safe swimming pool water, without having to turn to other methods such as traditional chlorine treatment, for example. INTEX have now combined these 2 excellent systems in one product, which now makes it possible for above ground pool owners to obtain a low-cost, easy to care for system to get clean, clear, safe swimming pool water. Both systems are automatically controlled by a timer switch, guaranteeing hassle-free, simple use.

  • ECO-20220-2 / CG-26680
  • 10.000 i/h pump output
  • 8.000 l/h circulation power
  • Integrated salt water - electrolysis system
  • E.C.O. electro-catalytic oxidation*
  • INTEX Hydro Aeration TechnologyTM
  • 6 way valve with pressure gauge
  • Filter pump with pre-filter
  • Chlorine production 7 g/h
  • 230 V / 430 W
  • Two separate timers: For filter unit and salt water system
  • Digital control panel
  • Self-cleaning function extends the service life of the electrolysis cell
  • Acrylic tank Ø 410 mm
  • Ground plate
  • For pools up to 56,800 l capacity
  • Maximum water temperature 35 °C
  • Connection fittings and cut-off valve not included
  • Optional connector Ø 32/38 mm with special adapter (Article number 110849)

Usable filter media:

  • Requires approx. 55 kg sand Grain size 0.7 - 1.2 mm


* Electro-catalytic oxidation is an advanced oxidation process (AOPs). When direct current is applied to the electrolysis oxidation electrodes, hydroxyl radicals are produced. The hydroxyl radical is a strong oxidising agent, which oxides organic contaminants and also destroys bacteria and algae. Hydroxyl radicals combined with free chlorine provide the strongest, safest water preparation.


INTEX Hydro Aeration TechnologyTM

  • Hydro Aeration Set for your INTEX pool
  • Easy installation
  • Can be retrofitted any time

Improved circulation and Filtration

Fine particles in the water clump together and settle to the bottom of the pool during the aeration process, making it easier to filter and remove sediments through the filtration system. The improved filtration and circulation make the pool water healthier and more comfortable.

Improved water clarity

By mixing air with water, the aeration process includes oxidation of iron and manganese, eliminating staining in water. The result is sparkling pool water that looks and feels great!

Increased negative ions at the water surface

Increased negative ions have been proven to improve the air freshness around the pool as it removes air pollutants and neutralizes free radicals that affects air quality.


Electrolysis process

Pure, natural salt or sea salt (sodium chloride) consists of two elements, Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl). During installation of your salt water system, a precisely measured amount of salt is added to the pool water. After this has dissolved (min. 24 hours), the pool water is pumped though the salt water system using a filter unit. Once the system is turned on, a current flows through the titanium electrode, and this splits the sodium chloride into its components sodium and chlorine. The chlorine starts to destroy any bacteria, algae and other organic material immediately.


Integrated copper ionisation

Direct current is applied to the copper electrode. This produces copper ions which are released into the water. Copper is an effective algaecide, which inhibits the growth of algae in the pool.