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Manual pool cleaning

  • Can be used with all swimming pools
  • Includes plastic leaf net with robust netting
  • Includes telescopic aluminium pole up to 239 cm
  • Includes a Venturi floor vacuum cleaner with connection for a garden hose

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Complete cleaning set for all kinds of swimming pool. The floor vacuum cleaner works on the Venturi principle and must be connected to a garden hose during cleaning.

Set consists of:

  • Floor vacuum cleaner (Venturi principle)
  • Aluminium telescopic pole (Length 239 cm)
  • Leaf/floor net

Hose connection adapter
Required quantity for your set: 1
Plastic spring L=35 mm
Required quantity for your set: 2
Floor cleaner "venturi"
Required quantity for your set: 1
This product is not available
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Dirt collection bag
Required quantity for your set: 1
Retaining clamp, telescopic pole/garden hose
Required quantity for your set: 1
Leaf scooper net
Required quantity for your set: 1
Telescopic pole for cleaning set
Required quantity for your set: 1

FAQs from category Manual pool cleaning:

I have a telescopic pole from another manufacturer. Can I use this for my brush/cleaner from Steinbach?

These telescopic poles as well as the connections are standardised throughout Europe, you can also use a telescopic pole from our company with a third-party brush.

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