Krystal Clear cartridge filter unit C1500

  • Powerful cartridge filter unit
  • Includes original filter cartridge type A
  • Includes 2 connector hoses Ø 38 mm with 2” screw connection
  • Timer Included
  • Intex Hydro Aeration Technology

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Product information

Intex cartridge filters deliver crystal clear water and great filtration results. This system, model 636T, features circulation output of 4.353 l/h or pump output of 5.678 l/h, the connection totals 220-240V~ / 50Hz / 165 W. All conventional above ground pools with a hose connection can be connected Ø 38 mm. The suitable filter medium for your Krystal Clear cartridge filter unit C1500 is the Intex filter cartridge type A. 2 swimming pool hoses with a length of 1,50 m, Ø 38 mm for Intex pools (connection fittings not included). The Intex Hydro Aeration Technology improves the circulation, filtration, water clarity and the air quality of your pool. The filter unit can be used with water temperature up to 35 °C maximum.


Intex Hydro Aeration Technology

  • Hydro Aeration Set for your Intex pool
  • Easy installation
  • Can be retrofitted any time

Improved circulation and Filtration

Fine particles in the water clump together and settle to the bottom of the pool during the aeration process, making it easier to filter and remove sediments through the filtration system. The improved filtration and circulation make the pool water healthier and more comfortable.


Improved water clarity

By mixing air with water, the aeration process includes oxidation of iron and manganese, eliminating staining in water. The result is sparkling pool water that looks and feels great!


Increased negative ions at the water surface

Increased negative ions have been proven to improve the air freshness around the pool as it removes air pollutants and neutralizes free radicals that affects air quality.


Integrated timer switch (not available on the GS version)

A lot of fun and little work come as standard here too. Using the integrated timer switch, you also have the option of just setting a daily filter cycle. Using the switch on the side, the cartridge filter unit can be either turned OFF, turned on for continuous operation, or operated with the easy to use timer.


Extra large filter cartridge

INTEX DACRON filter cartridges filter all dirt which is drawn in by the filter pump into the cartridge from your water. Size, filter grade and a perfectly adjusted filter pump are the decisive factors for crystal-clear pool pleasure. These benefits are part of the basic package from INTEX.

Filter system:
Salt water suitable: yes
Water capacity: 33.300 l
Circulation capacity: 4.353 l/h
Boiler size: 126 mm
Connection size: Ø 38 mm
Valve type: no
Sound pressure level: ≤ 80 dB(A)
Water temperature: 5°C - 35°C
Usable filter medium: Filter Balls
Quantity of filter medium used: 60 g
Usable filter medium: cartridge filter
Quantity of filter medium used: A

Filter pump:
Power supply: 220-240V~ / 50Hz
Input power maximum: 165 W
Transformer: no
Internal operating voltage: 0 V
Pump capacity: 5.678 l/h
Operating principle: non-self-priming
Pre-filter: no
Timer present: yes
Protection class: IPX5
Cable length to unit: 3,00 m

01 Cover screw fitting, plastic
including VAT, plus shipping costs
02 Bleed/drain valve
including VAT, plus shipping costs
03 O-ring for bleed/drain valve
including VAT, plus shipping costs
04 Filter pump cover
including VAT, plus shipping costs
05 Filter pump cover o-ring
including VAT, plus shipping costs
14 Adjustable injection nozzle
including VAT, plus shipping costs
08* INTEX gate valve
including VAT, plus shipping costs
09* Sealing ring for gate valve
including VAT, plus shipping costs
11* Nut for screw-on filter connector
11*+12*+14+15*+16+17* Hydro Aeration Set 1050
including VAT, plus shipping costs
15* Air nozzle valve
including VAT, plus shipping costs
17* End cap for air valve
including VAT, plus shipping costs
Free shipping
19* Pump motor with filter housing
including VAT

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