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Krystal Clear ozone & saltwater sytem CG-28666


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Product information

Ozone offers practically complete, immediate and odourless disinfection of swimming pool water, Ozone eliminates bacteria over 3000 times faster than chlorine. Intex have combined this powerful technology with the benefits of the salt water system, to offer you the best disinfection option for above ground pools.
The combination of the unbelievable disinfectant power of ozone and the high level of swimming comfort provided by salt water systems, allows you to enjoy these benefits for years.
An effective, odourless, natural solution to maintain crystal clear, soft, clean pool water .... from Intex.

Model: ZS8220/ZS8230
Water capacity: 56.800 l
Pump power external pump: 5.678 l/h - 15.140 l/h
Conncection size: Ø 38 mm
Power supply: 220-240V~ / 50Hz
Pump power: 125 W
Transformer: yes
Protection class: IPX5
Interne Betriebsspannung: 12 V
Sound pressure level: 65 dB(A)
Timer present: yes

Salt system:
Amount of required salt 3 g/l
Chlorine production: 11 g/h

02 L-shaped sealing ring
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03 Screw, M4 x 15 mm
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05 Titanium electrode
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07 Flow sensor
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10 Electronic ozone generator, ZS8220
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11 Ozone generator cover
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