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Krystal Clear saltwater system CG-28670GS

  • Fully automatic salt water electrolysis system
  • Electro-catalytic oxidation for disinfecting your pool water
  • Digital display
  • Flow sensor


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Product information

The perfect option for above ground pools. The integrated electrolysis process reduces the mount of chlorine needed by up to 70%. This system requires approx. 3 kg of salt per m³ of water, and a filter unit with performance of 2,650 l/h.

Pure, natural salt or sea salt is added to the pool water. It is best to use special salt for salt water systems or sea salt. Due to the low salt content in your pool water (sea water has on average 3.5%), you will not really feel, smell or taste any salt. All you will feel is clear, fresh, soft water. As part of the daily filtration process, the water is pumped through the electrolyte cells in order to produce the purest chlorine (electrolysis). This starts to destroy any bacteria, algae and other organic material immediately. The integrated electrolysis process reduces the mount of chlorine needed by up to 70%. As salt does not evaporate, this process is repeated every day, when the Krystal Clear salt water system® is in operation.

Salt units are not suitable for steel casing pools, stainless steel pools, bronze and stainless steel parts. A zinc plate is required for stainless steel ladders.

Overview of the benefits

  • Salt is a natural product
  • you don’t have to buy any more chlorine
  • no addition of chlorine
  • no stinging, red eyes
  • no dry skin
  • no bleaching of clothing
  • simple use
  • low running costs
  • self-cleaning electrolysis cells
  • can be programmed automatically


Model: ECO8220G
Water capacity: 56.800 l
Pump power external pump: 2.650 l/h - 11.355 l/h
Conncection size: Ø 38 mm
Power supply: 12 V
Pump power: 125 W
Transformer: yes
Protection class: IPX5
Interne Betriebsspannung: 12 V
Sound pressure level: 55 dB(A)
Timer present: yes

Salt system:
Amount of required salt 3 g/l
Chlorine production: 12 g/h

02 Screw, M6 x 20 mm
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05 Titanium electrode for ECO 8220G/8220/6220/6230
06 Flow sensor
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08 Retracted adapter B
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09 End cap 2" internal thread
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs
11 L-shaped sealing ring
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13 Control station for ECO 8220G
including 20% VAT
15 O-ring for titanium electrode
including 20% VAT, plus shipping costs

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