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INTEX foot bath

  • Reduces amount of debris & dirt entering your pool

  • Easily connects to ladders to rinse off feet before entering pool

  • Anti-slip bottom designed for safety
  • Perfectly fits all Intex ladders


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A sensible investment for every above-ground pool owner. The 56 x 46 x 9 foot bath doesn’t just keep dirt and grass away from your pool, it also cools the feet on hot days. Its special design means the foot bad can be attached to the entry ladder.

FAQs from category Ladder accessories:

The frame of my ladder is starting to rust, what can I do?

INTEX ladders are rustproof, but not rust-resistant. Please remove the ladder after each use. An incorrectly adjusted pH value or too high a chlorine value can cause rust to form in a very short time. If you operate your pool with salt water, you will need a zinc plate, which is used for equipotential bonding for ladders in connection with salt water systems. Salt water and salt water vapours can otherwise cause the material to rust. 

The steps are broken, how can this happen?

The maximum load weight of 136 kg must not be exceeded. 

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