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Steinbach filter balls

Filter balls from Steinbach can be used as an alternative to sand and are characterized by their efficiency in filter performance. Compared to other filter media, they impress with their high ability to absorb dirt and their low weight: 700 grams of filter balls correspond to the filter performance of 25 kilograms of sand. A saving in costs and weight is possible here by switching to filter balls.

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Frequently asked questions for Steinbach filter balls:

Can I put filter balls in any conventional sand or cartridge filter system?

This is basically possible without any problems. When using sand filter systems, however, pay attention to the proportions: 700g filter balls correspond to 25 kg filter sand. Please also note that you must not backwash with filter balls, as this can cause filter balls to get into the system and cause damage.

How often do I have to wash filter balls?

Depending on the degree of soiling, Filter Balls should be cleaned with the garden hose approx. every fortnight and dried in the sun.

Can I wash Filter Balls in the washing machine?

Do not put Filter Balls in the washing machine or dryer. The Filter Balls become much smaller when wet and can get behind the drum and damage the machine.

Should the filter system run during bathing?

No, the filter system may only run when the pool is not in use. On the one hand, there is a risk of injury from the suction nozzle, on the other hand, dirt particles are swirled around during use, which the system cannot filter. 

How long should my filter system be running?

The filter system should circulate your pool water at least twice a day. Our Comfort 75 filter system, for example, manages approx. 8,000 litres per hour and can therefore completely circulate a pool with 19,000 litres once in just under 2.5 hours.

The advantages of Steinbach Filter Balls

The Filter Balls are able to filter residues as small as 1.5 micrometres, while sand can filter residues as large as 40 micrometres. By using the Filter Balls, you no longer have sand in your bathing water and you need to backwash the filter system less.

The Filter Balls from Steinbach not only help you to filter the pool water properly and finely, but also save energy and are environmentally friendly. They are non-toxic, 100 percent recyclable and impress with their long service life.

It is possible to switch from sand to Filter Balls in a sand filter system at any time. The sand must first be removed and the container cleaned. Then the Filter Balls are placed in the container and the sand filter system can be used as usual.