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Round liner for pools 120 cm deep, suspended blue profile

  • Special covers for swimming pools
  • Winter-proof

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Product information

The Round liner for pools 120 cm deep, suspended blue profile with a thickness of and dimensions of is the perfect choice for your pool with the pool shape round. This liner with the finish is UV-resistant, suitable for salt water, winter-proof and made of robust vinyl. It offers easy installation and long-lasting protection, making it suitable for year-round use. Rely on quality for uninterrupted bathing fun and long-lasting pool equipment.

UV-resistant: yes
Pool form: round
Dimension: Ø 350 x 120 cm
Liner thickness: 0,60 mm
Liner construction: suspended profile
Material: vinyl
Entrance option: n.r.
Salt water suitable: yes

FAQs from category Steel wall pool liners:

Depending on the material, the pool must be set up at outside temperatures of 15 ° C to a maximum of 25 ° C, as the material can contract or expand. Steel wall pools with overlapping sheeting require a cove. Styrofoam wedges have to be glued to the inside of the steel wall between the wall and the bottom.

Due to the material of the pool liner, it is not possible for holes or cracks to occur in the pool liner without outside interference.

Possible causes are:

  • Incorrect storage, e.g. below the minimum temperature of 5 °C specified in the operating instructions.
  • Incorrect use of pool chemistry (incorrect dosage, etc.)
  • Use of chemistry that is not suitable for pool operation
  • Insufficient cleaning after dismantling - residues on the pool liner start to react and attack the material
  • Holes can also be caused by animals (cats, birds, rodents, etc.)

So that the liner can be placed over the steel wall (i.e. it overlaps it), the liner must be produced higher than the pool actually is.

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