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Solar covers for rectangular pools

  • Cost-efficient: heats your pool water using the power of the sun
  • Extends the swimming season
  • Maintaining the water temperature
  • Protection against pollution: less cleaning and use of pool chemicals required

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Product information

The solar cover offers you a simple and cost-effective way to heat your pool water with the power of the sun.
Thanks to the integrated air-filled nubs, the solar cover stores the sun's heat and gradually releases it into the water, which means that the temperature of the pool water can be 3-5° C higher than without.
At night, less heat is lost under the protection of the solar cover. It also provides effective protection against pollution.
Enjoy warm pool water and extended swimming season with the practical and efficient solar cover.

Tip: For smaller pools, the cover can easily be cut to size with scissors. 

Pool shape: rectangular
Dimension: 1000 x 500 cm
Material thickness: 0,30 mm
Filter mesh: 300 μm

FAQs from category Solar covers:

No, the manufacturing dimension can deviate due to the material, ambient temperature, etc.

The side with the air knobs must be on the surface of the water.

The small holes in the centre of the solar cover are for safety (same concept as the pool cover). In addition, small holes are distributed near the edge of the solar cover. Sometimes you may notice that the holes are not evenly spread. This will not affect the efficiency or life of your solar cover.

A 305 cm solar cover fits a 305 cm Frame Pool or Easy Pool; however, this does not mean that the solar cover has a diameter of 305 cm. Please bear in mind that there are two different values for the dimensions of solar covers.

No, due to the sun's rays and the lack of cooling by the water, the air knobs can burst.

With the straps and plastic plates included in the scope of delivery, the solar cover is directly connected to the retractor. This allows any type of solar cover to be attached. The solar tarp can be reinforced on the fastening side, but this is not mandatory. The distance between the straps and the retractor must be long enough for the solar cover to lie completely on the water surface when unrolled.

With this solar cover reel, the solar cover is connected to the aluminum shaft using rubber bands. For this to work, the solar cover must have eyelets on one narrow side. If this is not the case, it can be retrofitted with plastic eyelets at any time. There are plastic eyelets in the well-stocked hardware store. A connection without plastic eyelets is not possible, otherwise the solar cover will tear open.

In connection with this roll-up device, eyelets must be placed in the solar cover. These eyelets should always be mounted on the short side. E.g. for a solar tarp for an 8 x 4 m pool, the eyelets are mounted on the 4 m side.

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