Inflatable furnitures

Inflatable furniture is easy to take with you wherever you go or leave it permanently in your home. All you have to do is add air to inflate the furniture and you can use it. If necessary, the air can be vented and the furniture can be easily folded and stored. At Steinbach you will find a wide range of inflatable armchairs, lounges and sofas as well as a mobile children's travel bed.

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The adventage of inflatable furniture products

A wide range of inflatable furniture products, such as a mobile children's travel bed, armchairs, lounges or sofas for comfortable sitting and lying in a wide variety of sizes, colours and equipment can be found at Steinbach. For a quick supply of air, pump up your new inflatable furniture with an automatic air pump or a high-performance hand pump. To do this, remove the valve cap from the valve and press the valve firmly into the outlet opening. Insert the air pump or nozzle into the inflation valve. To avoid bursting, do not inflate the furniture too much and do not use a high-pressure pump, such as a compressor. After inflation, close the valve firmly and you can use the furniture.

To release air, carefully screw on the release valve cap. Once it is open, do not point the release valve at people. Air pumps with a nozzle attachment for deflation minimise the time needed to allow the air to escape completely. When the product is completely drained, screw the drain valve cap back on. Your furniture can be easily folded for easy transport or storage.

Tip for the place of installation

When positioning the inflatable furniture, make sure that the surface is smooth, flat, not too rough and that there are no sharp objects on it. It is advisable to use a carpet or a comparable underlay. Please note that only some furniture is intended for outdoor use.

Tip for minor damage

Inflatable furniture is sensitive to small cracks and similar damage. In order to increase the life span of the furniture, you can use the self-adhesive vinyl repair kit from INTEX when making cuts for repair. It contains 6 pieces of patches of 7 x 7 cm each and is specially designed for inflatable items. The leak is sealed again quickly and easily.