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Winter covers for oval steel wall pools

  • Reduces evaporation of the pool water
  • Reduces contamination in the pool
  • Reduces use of pool chemicals

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Product information

The fast and easy solution for your steel wall pool. The reinforced PE cover panel offers protection from dirt in the winter months, and keeps your pool water clean for longer. The cover is placed directly onto the surface of the water, and is attached using a tension cord and ratchet. 130 cm excess ensures optimal fit after the water level has fallen. The sheet comes with a green top and a black underside.

Benefits for you:

  • Strong PE material 120 g/m²
  • 130 cm excess
  • Attached via tension cord and ratchet
  • Reduces contamination in the pool
  • Reduces use of pool chemicals

Shape: oval
Dimension: 730 x 370 cm
Overhang: 65 cm
Material thickness: 0,15 mm
UV-resistant yes
Suitable for salt water: yes

FAQs from category Pool covers:

This makes it easy to put the cover away without having to pump out the rainwater first. The size of the drainage holes has been chosen so that rainwater can run off but coarse dirt is retained. The ongoing cleaning effort and the use of water care products can thus be reduced.

The additional plastic strips secure your cover against lifting in the wind.

A protective ground cover is used to protect the pool liner from dirt. Before you put it on, the ground must be clean of stones, wood or similar.

Covers are laid over the entire surface of the water, pulled up to the side, placed over the handrail, folded down and then attached. This requires this excess. (Summer cover: oversize 70 cm = 35 cm per side, winter cover: oversize 130 cm = 65 cm per side) The winter cover is more oversized because the water level is lowered accordingly during the winter months.

Unfortunately, we do not have these covers in our range.

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