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Oval liner 7.32 x 3.66 x 1.50 m - 0.60 mm thick

  • Special covers for swimming pools
  • Winter-proof

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Product information

Oval liners for steel wall pools with a depth of up to 135 cm with an overlapping design in the colour blue are available from Steinbach in lengths of 549 cm, 610 cm and 732 cm with a width of 366 cm and a thickness of approx. 0,60 mm. The Steinbach oval liners have a UV-stable swimming pool inner liner and are winter-proof.

UV-resistant: yes
Pool form: oval
Dimension: 732 x 366 x 150 cm
Liner thickness: 0,60 mm
Liner construction: overlapping design
Material: vinyl
Entrance option: n.r.
Salt water suitable: yes

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