Pool canopy

A pool canopy offers the opportunity to use the swimming pool regardless of the season and weather. Depending on the canopy, this form of cover fulfils two functions: To extend the pool season, either a canopy is chosen that heats the bathing water more quickly as well as retains the heat, or in the summer months during the main bathing season, a canopy can be used for sun protection.

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Frequently asked questions for Pool canopy:

No, the pool roof must be dismantled in the event of strong winds.

No, the foil is not winterproof or frost-proof and has no snow load.

Pool canopies from Steinbach

A pool canopy is a simple means to either achieve a higher temperature of the pool water or to have sun protection. With a canopy that protects the pool water from external influences, you can save energy and costs and conserve as well as increase the warmth of the water. The pool water is warmed up more quickly with the pool canopy and by warming the water by up to 6 degrees, an earlier start and later end of the bathing season is thus possible. Transparent Cabrio Doms, which can be opened on one side like a convertible to allow you to enter the pool, also protect you from changing weather conditions, rain and light wind and the pool from dirt. When choosing this canopy, please note whether your pool has a narrow or wide handrail. The pool roof suitable for INTEX Frame Pool Set Rondo + Ultra provides sun protection on hot summer days.

The Steinbach pool cover offers protection from changing weather, can be used to provide shade and additionally as a canopy for your outdoor seating area. The pool covers are available for almost all commercially available swimming pools.

Cabrio Dom for

  • Round pool with narrow and wide handrail
  • Oval pool with wide handrail

With the transparent Cabrio Dom, it is possible to warm up the pool water by 5 to 6 degrees and extend the pool season by up to 6 weeks. Part of the pool remains covered when open, so you can use your pool without any problems even in bad weather. The cleaning effort as well as the use of chemical pool care products is considerably minimised with the pool enclosure.

The Cabrio Dome consists of an anodised aluminium construction and a hard-wearing foil including fixing material. Anodised means that the aluminium has a protective layer of oxides that protects it from corrosion. This type of canopy can be fitted to almost all types of oval and round steel-walled pools. The name Cabrio Dom comes from the folding joint used on both sides, which makes it possible to open the canopy like a convertible. The height ranges from 145 - 165 cm depending on the pool height.

Cabrio Doms for round pools with a narrow handrail of approx. 4 cm width are available in the following diameters:

  • Ø 300 cm

  • Ø 350 - 360 cm
  • Ø 400 - 420 cm
  • Ø 450 cm
  • Ø 500 cm
  • Ø 550 cm

  • Ø 600 cm

Cabrio Doms for round pools with wide handrails of approx. 8 - 25 cm width are available with the following diameters:

  • Ø 370 cm
  • Ø 460 cm
  • Ø 550 cm

Cabrio Doms for oval pools with wide handrails of approx. 8 - 25 cm width are available in the following dimensions in length and width:

  • 550 x 360 cm
  • 610 x 366 cm
  • 730 x 370 cm

Pool enclosure for Frame Pool Set Rondo + Ultra

The pool canopy in the shape of a giant umbrella is suitable for all INTEX Frame Pool Set Rondo and Ultra Rondo with a diameter of 366 - 549 cm. It offers a roofing area of 4.2 m2 and can be used in wind speeds of up to 19 km/h. The construction is made of durable polyester fabric, the strong frame of fibreglass struts. Due to the low weight of the sunshade, a quick and easy assembly in 4 point attachment as well as storage is given.

Pool cover by Steinbach

The pool cover by Steinbach is suitable for above-ground pools as well as for your outdoor seating area and offers protection from sun, rain, light wind and dirt. The pool cover is quick and easy to assemble, and its light weight allows it to be moved quickly when assembled.

The material of the outer cover is made of 190 T polyester, the side cover of transparent PVC. 3 doors with zips allow access from several sides. The construction consists of a combination of Ø 11 mm fibreglass and Ø 16 mm steel. Lateral guy ropes and ground anchors allow for a firm hold. Please note that the pool cover must be dismantled in the event of strong winds or bad weather.

The pool cover from Steinbach is available in 2 sizes:

Pool cover
• 500 x 433 x 250 cm (L x B x H),suitable for pools up to Ø 400 cm

Mega pool cover
• 600 x 520 x 280 cm (L x B x H), geeignet für Pools bis Ø 457 cm