Steel wall pools oval

Steel wall pools with an oval pool shape can be set up free-standing or completely or partially built into the ground. The underground installation of an oval steel wall pool is partially or completely possible or necessary, depending on the respective model and equipment variant. Oval pools are great for swimming because of their length. A dismantling in the cold season is not necessary due to the steel pool and the winter-proof pool inner liner.

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Frequently asked questions for Steel wall pools oval:

The pool liner is too small when I try to set it up, what can I do?

Depending on the material, the pool must be set up at outside temperatures of 15 ° C to a maximum of 25 ° C, as the material can contract or expand. Steel wall pools with overlapping sheeting require a cove. Styrofoam wedges have to be glued to the inside of the steel wall between the wall and the bottom. 

Can the steel wall be erected in windy weather?

It is essential to set up the pool when there is no wind, gusts of wind make the construction of the steel wall difficult and can cause damage. 

Can I use salt water treatment for steel wall pools?

It is not recommended to bring salt water and steel into contact with each other, as the salt water and salt water vapours can cause the steel to rust.

Why is my replacement liner longer than the pool height itself?

So that the liner can be placed over the steel wall (i.e. it overlaps it), the liner must be produced higher than the pool actually is. 

From what installation depth must backfilling with concrete be made?

To ensure that the pool remains stable, add the backfilling from an installation depth of 30 cm.

Why do I need to backfill my in-ground pool with concrete?

The additional concrete shell prevents damage to the steel shell when there is no water in the pool.

Oval steel wall pools

Oval steel wall pools are not only popular as a way to cool off because of their elongated shape, but they also allow you to swim in your own pool. Oval pools are characterised by their simple and quick assembly in just a few hours. They are suitable for complete or partial in-ground installation, but can also be free-standing. Please note that not every model can be free-standing. Please note that pools with a depth of 150 cm must be installed at least 60 cm into the ground.

Oval pools can still be free-standing with a pool height of 132 cm, which means a water depth of 120 cm. Here, an extra wide handrail and a strong lateral support construction are incorporated so that the pool gets additional stability. The wide product range of oval steel shell pools from Steinbach extends from the low-cost entry-level model to the high-end version.

Our range of oval steel wall pools offers a choice of steel shell thicknesses from 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm for a depth of 120 cm and 0.8 mm for a water depth of 150 cm. The deeper the steel wall pool, the stronger the steel wall and the pool liner should be to guarantee stability, safety and durability. The steel wall and the pool liner usually consist of a 0.4 mm thick steel or PVC layer.

More solid steel-walled pools with a water depth of over 120 cm consist of a 0.6 to 0.8 mm thick steel shell and a 0.6 mm thick inner liner. The winter-proof pool liner protects the steel shell pool from external influences and potential damage. The handrail secures the inner liner. Inexpensive and smaller entry-level models in the world of oval steel shell pools differ due to a thinner steel layer as well as inner liner and the need for dismantling during the winter months. Oval steel wall pools require support struts all around to ensure stability. You need more space for the lateral support construction, which must therefore be taken into account when deciding on a suitable installation site. Allow 25 cm to 90 cm per side for the support structure, depending on the model.

Oval steel wall pools: The right size

When choosing the height of the pool, please note that the effective water depth is always pool height minus 10 cm. Example: If the pool height is 150 cm, the effective water depth is 140 cm.

Which size is right for you depends on several factors. There must be a sufficiently level area in your garden for the pool, as well as a suitable cleaning system and a means of access, usually a ladder, for example. There must be a gap on each side so that the pool is freely accessible.

Oval steel wall pools from Steinbach are available in a wide range of equipment variants and dimensions. Free-standing oval pools are available with heights from 120 cm to 135 cm, lengths from 550 (549) cm to 730 (732) cm and widths from 300 cm to 400 cm.

The longer the oval steel shell pool, the more support struts it requires. A length of 550 cm requires 1 support, a length of 640 cm 2 supports and a length of 730 3 supports per side.

Oval pools with partial or complete ground installation are available with heights from 120 cm to 150 cm, lengths from 490 cm to 800 cm and widths from 300 cm to 400 cm.

Free-standing, partially recessed or completely buried

Please note the different intermediate levels in height as well as width and length.

Please note that free-standing oval pools must be placed on a paved surface. The sole use of a fleece is not sufficient. Paved surfaces prevent water from seeping into the ground and can be made of a wide variety of materials such as concrete, asphalt, gravel and the like.

If you decide on partial or complete earth installation, allow for a preparation time for working on the construction site. When installing oval steel-walled pools in the ground, retaining walls must be installed at the sides and a lean concrete backfill at the round ends. The pool wall must be statically protected against earth pressure.

In addition to the purchase costs of the steel shell pool, adequate pool technology and pool accessories for cleaning and safety must be taken into account. For reasons of hygiene and health, professional filter systems are required for the daily circulation and cleaning of the pool water. Skimmers and inlet nozzles provide daily water circulation. The skimmer is a surface suction device that sucks in dirty water by means of a pump, cleans it through a filter screen and pumps it back into the pool through the inlet nozzle. The filter system, Steinbach Original Filter Balls, sand or suspended cartridge filter, must match the size of the pool. The oval shape of the pool has the advantage that cleaning with vacuum cleaners and pool robots is easy, as there are no corners that are difficult to clean. The automatic and self-propelled pool cleaners remove the dirt independently.

If the length of the oval pool is not long enough for you to swim, additional pool accessories, especially the counter-current system, can be used for targeted swimming endurance and whole-body training.

The approximate installation time is from 3 hours, depending on the equipment variant and size. Please note that any preparatory work for the storage area and the filling of the water cannot be included in the installation time of the pool. When assembling the pool yourself, make sure that the pool liner does not wrinkle.