Steinbach. We are pool.

We at Steinbach love everything to do with pools and you can feel this enthusiasm in every product from our extensive range. High-quality pools including accessories and matching pool technology ensure carefree bathing fun and the inflatable fun products provide unforgettable summer moments in the cool water.

To keep it that way, we naturally also have the perfect pool care, pool heaters, pool covers and solar showers in our range. This turns your own garden into an oasis of well-being and every summer into a refreshing experience. So if pool, then best Steinbach!

The pool specialist from Austria since 1999

From Schwertberg in Upper Austria out into the whole world

Swimming pools and accessories, that's how it all started more than 20 years ago. Initially purely in sales. Today, we at Steinbach have around 300 employees and are one of the leading production and wholesale companies in Europe in the field of complete pool suppliers.

The product range has expanded considerably since then and we not only sell our own products and quality brands such as Intex, but have also set up our own production. In addition to water care products, the associated containers are also injection molded there, assembled and shipped all over the world via a highly modern, efficient logistics system. Sustainability is a top priority in order to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and to keep the added value in the region as far as possible.

Our product and service pool

The colorful water world of Steinbach

We always offer the latest trends in the usual Steinbach top quality. And our customers will find everything else their hearts desire in the extensive Steinbach product range: from pool solutions in all price categories to professional water care, and from swim fins to oversized inflatable swimming islands. There are also well thought-out solutions, such as chic covers for the pool technology.

Special offers for our business customers

As a reliable partner of large retail chains and online retailers, we stand for best Austrian quality, fast service and reliable delivery of our product range. However, we are also happy to fulfill special requests for our business partners, such as private labeling of water care products or solar showers.

We bring the pool world into an innovative, digital and sustainable future

Our new headquarter:
Hardly any energy consumption, full power

Since February 2022, the high-tech building on the technological cutting edge has been the new control center of our company. 53 geothermal probes provide our headquarter with cozy warmth in winter and cool the building in summer. The photovoltaic cells on the building and on the bridge to Plant 1 generate around 66 MWh of electricity per year. To provide the best conditions for working, for relaxing in between and for recharging one’s creativity, we have set up, among other things, a restaurant with exclusive, healthy cuisine, a cozy café-bar, fitness studios and - how could it be otherwise - swimming pools.

Our offices:
Digital and ergonomic

Our new central office is not only maximally energy-efficient and equipped with energy-saving devices. The workplaces are in line with the latest findings for efficient and pleasant working. For example, we have mainly designed offices with two or three workplaces, because work can be done most productively in groups of two or three. For even more sustainability in the office, we also work exclusively paperless and offer our business partners digital training to avoid long trips and thus emissions.

Our ca pool:
Mobility taken a step further

We are currently converting our car pool to e-cars, and our maintenance staff can already use our e-scooters to cover the distances on our plant premises quickly and conveniently. But we also think outside the box when it comes to transport in order to protect the environment: In the area of logistics, our in-house dispatch freight department plans so that the trucks are loaded to the last centimeter and do not have to return empty after delivery of the goods

Our production:
Optimized for sustainability

We produce our water care products, including injection-molded containers, at our site in Schwertberg. The production facility complies with the latest legal requirements for the protection of local groundwater and also works as resource-efficiently as possible. For example, cut-off edges from the production of containers for liquid water care products are immediately regranulated and returned directly to the process. In addition, by 2023 it should be possible to manufacture all our containers using 95 percent recycled plastic.

Our logistics:
Fast, reliable and efficient

Rapid availability of goods for our customers is our top priority. This guarantees delivery ex works, made possible by a state-of-the-art system: fully automated transport routes, equipment for pallet transport and shelf servicing, as well as robots for efficient packaging of the goods. The state-of-the-art logistics system is controlled by custom-programmed software. Two plants currently have more than 90,000 pallet storage locations. A third plant is already being planned.

Our processes:
Precisely coordinated and efficient

To be able to handle the large number of major projects in a timely and reliable manner, all the cogs in our plants have to mesh perfectly. For maximum adherence to schedules and the fastest possible delivery times, the entire digital, automated and physical infrastructure of our locations is ideally coordinated with all human activities and process steps - from ordering to delivery. For maximum efficiency, sustainability and economy.

Mitarbeiter und Human Being Management:
Gee, you're really something!

Human Resources? We don't know that at Steinbach.

We employ people, individuals with their own personal strengths. We have great confidence in their abilities and are convinced that they can best develop personally and professionally with personal responsibility, room to maneuver and the right to have a say. By giving people more freedom in our company, many new creative ideas and innovative solutions emerge. This enables us as a team to solve our challenges together efficiently and to shape the successful future of our company together.

How does it feel to work at Steinbach? Apply now and find out for yourself!