Running time of the sand filter system

Sand filter systems clean the pool water of a rather large swimming pool thoroughly and efficiently. With sand filter systems, quartz sand with a grain size of 0.7 mm to a maximum of 1.2 mm or Original Filter Balls from Steinbach can be used as the filter medium.

The basic rule is that the pool water should be circulated at least twice a day to ensure sufficient cleaning and filtration. How long this corresponds to the running time of the filter system depends on the performance as well as the size of the pool.

A small reminder: As a rule, the running time of the filter system is approximately 8 to 12 hours per day. Please note that the filter system should not run for 8 hours at a stretch, but the hours should ideally be spread out over a day.

However, you can calculate the appropriate filter running time for your pool quite easily: Multiply the water volume of your pool by 2 and divide this result by the capacity of your filter system. This will give you the hours required for optimum filtration.

Example: For a steel-walled pool with approximately 20,000 litres of water capacity, a total of 40,000 litres must be circulated per day (20,000 litres x 2-fold circulation). Divide the 40,000 litres by the capacity of the filter system, for example by 6600 litres per hour. This results in a value of 6 hours and this corresponds to the optimal daily filter running time.

Please note that you should extend the filter running time as well as the amount of circulation on hot days, as microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and the like find ideal growth conditions due to the high temperature. To prevent water turbidity and to keep the use of chemical pool care products as low as possible, extending the filter runtime is a simple measure.

Sand filter pump

Sand filter systems use a sand filter pump to pump contaminated pool water through a tank filled either with quartz sand or with Original Filter Balls from Steinbach every day and ensure filtered, clear bathing water.

The desired function is selected via a 6 or 7-way valve with the pressure-measuring manometer. A basic distinction is made between non-self-priming and self-priming pumps with pre-filter.

The filter pump is responsible for pumping the water to be filtered through the tank filled with sand or filter balls. A 6 or 7-way valve with a pressure-measuring manometer can easily be set to the desired function: Filter, Rinse, Circulate (circulation), Backwash, Closed, Drain and Winter setting.


Sand filter systems and cartridge filters can be used at a water temperature up to a maximum of 35 degrees. Filter systems must not be used dry, but always with water.

The optimal location of the sand filter

When installing the filter system, make sure that there is a sufficient safety distance from the pool wall. If the pool is partially or completely sunken, it makes sense to place the filter system in a filter shaft, which should be directly connected to the pool.

If your filter system is installed in a filter shaft, it must be ensured that the shaft cannot be flooded. It is also important to ensure that the filter shaft is not airtight, as this can lead to damage due to the formation of condensation on the filter pump. Ideally, the filter system should not be installed above the water level.

The filter system must not be placed in a hollow or directly in the grass.

The right filter medium

Either quartz sand or the Original Filter Balls from Steinbach can be used as filter medium for sand filter systems / sand filter pumps.

The quartz sand is fire-dried, washed and available from Steinbach with a grain size of 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm and 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm. The Filter Balls from Steinbach not only help you to filter the pool water properly and finely, but also save energy and are environmentally friendly.

They are non-toxic, 100 percent recyclable and impress with their long service life. It is possible to switch from sand to Filter Balls in a sand filter system at any time. The sand must first be removed and the container cleaned. Then the Filter Balls are placed in the container and the sand filter system can be used as usual.