Choosing the right pool filter system

Two different filter systems have proven themselves over the years: Sand filter systems and cartridge filter systems. They both work in the same way in that a filter pump pumps the water to be cleaned through the filter medium - sand (or Steinbach Filter Balls) or cartridge. The substances to be filtered in the pool water are captured in the filter and can thus be removed.

One basic rule you should follow: The size and strength of the filter system depends on the water content in the pool. Which filter system is suitable for you depends on the size of the pool. The filter system should not be skimped on, as it is absolutely necessary for cleaning and daily water circulation. The capacity of the filter system must correspond to the water content of the swimming pool. As a rule, however, it is advisable to use a somewhat stronger filter system. If the pool water is cleaned by means of a high filtration efficiency, the effort required for cleaning the pool and the use of chemical water care products is reduced.

Generally speaking, you can say that sand filters are suitable for larger pools while cartridge filters are more suitable for above ground and small pools.

Cartridge filters clean and filter the pool water even finer, but are more maintenance and cost intensive, as the cartridge needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. The quartz sand used in a sand filter system, on the other hand, only needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years. As an alternative to sand, the light and environmentally friendly Filter Balls from Steinbach can also be used.

Pool filter runtime

The ideal filter runtime as well as the amount of circulation can vary - due to external factors such as the outside temperature. The 8 or more hours of filter running time should be spread over a day so that the pool water remains in motion. The longer it stands still, the faster microorganisms multiply and algae can form, causing turbidity in the pool water.

The performance of the filtration system is directly related to the water quality. The cleanliness and clarity of the water can only be maintained if it is properly serviced and maintained. Coarse and smaller contaminants are removed by means of professional filter systems. Which pool technology is necessary depends on the type and water volume of your pool. The right filter system is always adapted to the size, or more precisely, the water content of the pool. However, an adequate filter system alone is not enough to keep the pool water optimally clear and clean. In addition to the performance of the filter system, optimal cleaning and crystal clear water requires pool accessories that support the pool technology as well as chemical pool care for water treatment that continues the performance of the pool technology. The use of chemical cleaning agents can be significantly reduced by using the right filter system. Please continue reading at Pool Care for detailed information regarding chemical care products.