A skimmer in the pool is responsible for clean and clear water. Through the skimmer, the water is sucked in at the water surface and then filtered. The cleaned water is pumped back into the pool through the inlet nozzle. Basically, a distinction is made between built-in skimmers and suspended skimmers. The built-in skimmer is permanently installed in the pool. A suspended skimmer is a good alternative if you do not have the skimmer permanently installed in the pool.

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Frequently asked questions for Skimmer:

The skimmer net prevents larger impurities (leaves, hair, etc.) from getting into the pre-filter or supports sand filters that have a pump without a pre-filter; this prevents the water wheel from getting stuck in the pump.

This is normal; compared to alternatives, the Intex skimmer does not have a lock to prevent it from floating up. To counteract this, weigh down the strainer basket or remove these parts from the skimmer housing during bathing.

INTEX Suspended Skimmer Deluxe

The skimmer is a surface suction device and is suitable for all INTEX pools. By means of a pump, dirty water and impurities floating on the water surface are sucked into the skimmer basket. The water is cleaned via a filter screen and the filtered bathing water is pumped back into the pool via the inlet nozzles.

The skimmer basket is height-adjustable and can thus be adapted to the individual water level. The skimmer is mounted directly on the pool with the bracket included in the scope of delivery and connected to the filter pump. Please note that the filter pump must be switched on so that the skimmer can clean the water surface. A filter pump capacity of at least 3,028 l/h is required for the proper use of the Suspended Skimmer Deluxe by INTEX, the hose connection has a diameter of 40 mm. Mounting material for the pool models Easy Set and Metal Frame by INTEX is included. The routine cleaning effort for your pool is reduced to a minimum and at the same time the consumption of water care products is additionally reduced.

Skimmer accessories

The so-called skimmer net serves to protect your filter pump and at the same time reduces the cleaning of your filter system. The skimmer net is a hygienic disposable filter that should be replaced regularly. At Steinbach, the nets are available for all types of skimmer baskets with a diameter of up to 155 mm.


The skimmer should be cleaned regularly. You can remove the skimmer basket by the integrated handle and simply rinse it out under the water pipe.