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The octagonal whirlpool PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Octagon from INTEX offers you a fantastic wellness experience. Numerous air and jet jets provide a targeted massage and optimal relaxation. The octagonal whirlpool withstands extreme loads thanks to the state-of-the-art Fiber-Tech™ technology. In addition, the PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Octagon is equipped with an electronic limescale protection system and a salt water system.

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Frequently asked questions for Whirlpools octagonal:

Switch off and unplug the control unit. Make sure that the cover grille of the filter cartridge unit is clean and free of obstructions. Clean or replace the filter cartridge, see section Maintenance and storage. Make sure that the inlet and outlet connections on the whirlpool and filter pump are not blocked. Ensure that the whirlpool water is properly disinfected to keep the filter cartridge clean and not clogged. 

If the ambient temperature is below 4ºC, we recommend not using the whirlpool. Switch off and unplug the control unit. Add some warm water to raise the water temperature of the whirlpool to over 5°C (41°F). Then press the button to heat the water to the desired temperature.

Switch off and unplug the control unit. When the water has cooled down, turn on the FI and restart everything. Turn off the heating. Then press the Filter and Bubble buttons to lower the water temperature. 

Switch off and unplug the control unit. Turn on the FI again and restart everything. 

Press the water filter button to activate the filter pump again. After 72 hours of continuous heating operation, the pump automatically switches to idle mode. The quick heating and water filtration functions are deactivated.

Remove the electrolytic storage cell for inspection and cleaning if necessary. Use salinity test strips to check the value of the water. Add salt. See “Salinity Information”. Make sure the cell's cable is securely plugged into the socket. Replace the memory cell if necessary.

If the salt content is too high, drain some of the pool water and fill it up with fresh water. Remove the electrolytic storage cell for inspection and cleaning if necessary. Use salinity test strips to check the value of the water. If the salt content is too high, drain some of the pool water and fill it up with fresh water. Make sure the cell's cable is securely plugged into the socket. If necessary, replace the memory cell.

Make sure that the air valve cap is tightly closed. Fill the spa with air, then make sure the air valve base is tightened properly, please refer to chapter "Spa air valve attachment". Wrinkles occur during storage or when the spa is folded. Very often the whirlpool is stored in colder rooms (e.g. cellar compartment, etc.). When the tub is inflated for the first time, the material requires a certain period of time to expand or to adapt to the ambient temperature. Therefore, the pool must be re-inflated several times when it is used for the first time. Spray some soapy water on the suspicious spot, if there is a crack or hole, bubbles will form at this spot. After you have been able to locate the leak, clean and dry the spot carefully and repair it with the repair kit provided.

Do not expose the spa to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Please check the air pressure and release some air if necessary. This procedure is very important, especially in hot weather, to avoid damage!

Check the pressure relief valve for leaks. Whirlpools from 2018 have a pressure relief valve. It is possible that the pressure relief valve does not seal due to dirt particles and does not close properly. As a result, air can escape there. Open the cap, unscrew the pressure relief valve with the wrench (included in the scope of delivery) and remove it, check it for dirt particles. Check the pressure spring and seal for accuracy of fit, carry out steps 1+2 in reverse order.

Tighten the inlet and outlet connections. Cover the O-ring with Vaseline to make it watertight. Remove the grille inside the spa with a screwdriver, make sure the inlet/outlet O-ring is in place, cleaned and not broken. Check the connections for cracks. Replace the defective parts if necessary. 

Plug the control unit directly into a socket and do not use extension cables or distributors. Check your house wiring for overload, the socket may have a defect. Contact a qualified electrician. Reset the residual current circuit breaker.

Make sure that the SPA is plugged in and turned on and that the control panel power plug is securely attached to the control unit. Check the power source and reset the FI switch.

1. Turn off the spa control unit.

2. Connect the drain valve adapter to a garden hose. Place the other end of the garden hose in a suitable place for water disposal.

3. Remove the cap from the outer drain valve and attach the drain valve adapter to the drain valve.

4. Open the cover for the drain valve inside the whirlpool tub. The water begins to flow out through the garden hose.

5. When the water has drained out, disconnect the whirlpool control unit from the wall of the whirlpool tub. Lift the whirlpool tub wall on the opposite side from the drain to direct any remaining water down the drain and allow you to completely drain the whirlpool.

6. Attach the filling hose to the air blower valve on the control unit.

7. Turn on the whirlpool and press the button. Align the filling hose with the inlet/outlet of the spa pool and the spa control unit so that the water in the pipes dries out.

8. Use a clean towel to soak up the remaining water and moisture from spa and control unit.

9. When the whirlpool is empty, remove the filter housing from inside the spa and clean or replace the filter cartridge. Only use commercially available bathroom cleaners for cleaning. Rinse the whirlpool well with clear tap water.

10. Make sure that the control unit and the spa tub are thoroughly dry.

11. After the spa is completely dry, vacuum out any remaining air. Note that some air still remains in the tub. The tub should not be completely "evacuated" so that the air and jet lines are not compressed.

12. Fold the whirlpool loosely and avoid sharp corners to prevent damage. Packing into the bag may require 2-3 people.

NOTE: The included caps can be used to cover the water inlet and outlet fittings inside the spa. This prevents water from flowing out.

The whirlpool models from 2020 cannot be retrofitted with WLAN. The complete control unit and the display would have to be replaced with the components from 2021. The outdoor whirlpool models from 2021 are WLAN-capable.

Whirlpools must be placed outdoors on a level location. The area must be free of branches, stones, sharp and pointed objects. The location must be stable and weight-resistant (not on a balcony or terrace). Before setting up, double check that the whirlpool will stand on a completely flat, level surface, as otherwise the connections may not seal 100%.

All INTEX whirlpool models should never be inflated with external compressors or pumps. Please only use the control unit supplied for this purpose. Please also note the information in the operating instructions of the respective product.

The outdoor whirlpools are not winterproof. In areas where there is a risk of frost, the spa and all associated components should be drained, cleaned, disassembled and correctly stored indoors if the temperature drops below 5°C.

The angular whirlpool from INTEX offers up to 6 seats

The smaller octagonal model offers 4 seats with an internal diameter of 150 cm (note: external diameter 201 cm) and a height of 71 cm and a capacity of approx. 795 litres. The whirlpool heats up between 1.5 and 2.5 degrees per hour heating time. The 800-watt bubble device in combination with 120 air jets and 4 jet jets produce bubbling water.

The larger model offers space for up to 6 people, has an inner diameter of 168 cm (note: outer diameter 218 cm) with a height of 71 cm and a capacity of almost 1100 litres. The heating time is about 1 to 2 degrees per hour. The bubble device with 800 watts in combination with 140 air jets as well as 6 jet jets create bubbles and take care of the whole body.

Equipment of the inflatable whirlpool

A powerful filter pump and a very well-dimensioned heater clean and heat the bath water to the desired temperature. An insulating cover for shutting off serves as a safety feature and reduces heating costs as the water temperature is maintained for longer.

The correct installation location

Please note that the INTEX octagonal whirlpool tub must be placed on a level surface so that the weight can be distributed evenly. The installation site must be able to withstand the weight of the whirlpool tub filled with water. The inner diameter and outer diameter differ by approx. 50 cm, please take this into account when choosing a suitable location. Also take into account that the installation site is selected so that any leaking bath water does not cause any damage.