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Aluminium hanging bracket for pool liners

  • High quality aluminum version

  • Anodised

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Product information

  • For styrofoam pool liners with wedge piping
  • Pole up to 200 cm
  • Material: aluminium - anodised
  • Suitable for salt water: yes

Dimension: 200 cm
Salt water suitable: yes
Material: aluminium - anodized

FAQs from category Styrofoam pool liners:

Due to the material of the pool liner, it is not possible for holes or cracks to occur in the pool liner without outside interference.

Possible causes are:

  • Incorrect storage, e.g. below the minimum temperature of 5 °C specified in the operating instructions.
  • Incorrect use of pool chemistry (incorrect dosage, etc.)
  • Use of chemistry that is not suitable for pool operation
  • Insufficient cleaning after dismantling - residues on the pool liner start to react and attack the material
  • Holes can also be caused by animals (cats, birds, rodents, etc.)

Important information

This type of pool is only suitable for building into the ground. The specified dimensions are the inside dimensions = quantity of water. (Length x Width x Depth) 
Outer dimensions = inside dimensions + 50 cm e.g. 600 x 300 Inside dimensions = 650 x 350 cm Outside dimensions. It is easiest to assemble with a minimum of two people. The effective water depth is -10 cm from the pool height. Watertightness/Class: W0. EN 16582-1 / EN 16582-3. Your local specialist can answer all your questions regarding installation requirements or building code regulations.


Caution! When using a swimming pool, following the safety instruction in the instruction manual and the maintenance instructions is a condition of use. To avoid drowning or other serious injury, please pay particular attention to unexpected access to the swimming pool by children under 5 years old. Please secure access to the pool and ensure that children are always supervised by adults while swimming.

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