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Hanging cartridge filter unit for above ground pools

  • Compact unit with integrated skimmer and inlet nozzle
  • For all pools with hand rails up to 30 mm wide
  • Height can be adjusted to match water level

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Product information

The hanging cartridge filter unit with integrated surface suction and inlet for all above ground pools. Easy to attach to hand rails. Performance is 1,700 l/h, 20 W, IPX8, electrical connection via 230 V/12 V with transformer, cable length approx. 480 cm. The suitable filter medium for your hanging cartridge filter unit is the filter cartridge (Item no.: 060225). The filter unit can be used with water temperature up to 35 °C maximum.

Salt water suitable: yes
Water temperature: 5°C - 35°C
Type of filter medium used: cartridge filter
Type of filter medium used: E
Usable filter medium: Filter Balls
Quantity of usable filter medium: 60 g
Power supply: 220-240V~ / 50Hz
Maximum input power: 20 W
Transformer: yes
Internal operating voltage: 12 V
Pump capacity: 1.700 l/h
Operating principle: non-self-priming
Protection class: IPX8
Cable length to unit: 4,80 m

FAQs from category Cartridge filter systems:

Fill the unit with water and open the air release valve attached to the lid until water runs out. This is how you vent the system. Check all connections and hoses for leaks or holes. Retighten connections or hose clamps, seal them with Teflon tape and replace the defective parts if necessary.

Check the cartridge filter for the degree of contamination and clean it with a garden hose or replace it with a new filter. Check the water level and the height of the suspension skimmer; if the water level is too low, too little water flows into the pump. Vent the system. Open the air release valve on the cover until water runs out.

Check your socket for power, test another socket if necessary. Never run the pump without water, the pump can run dry and burn out. Check the mains plug or the connection cable for damage.

Check the cartridge daily and clean it with a garden hose as needed. If cleaning no longer achieves the desired success, replace it.

Flocculants must not be used with the cartridge filter system, as this could cause the cartridge lamellae to stick together. This means that cleaning is no longer guaranteed. This also applies to Quattrotabs, a component of these tablets are flocculants.

All Steinbach and INTEX filter systems (sand filter systems, cartridge filter systems & filter pumps) are suitable for salt water as long as the salt content in the water is below 0.5 % (salt electrolysis). Before winterising, clean the filter system thoroughly with standard bathroom cleaner, clear tap water and a lint-free cloth.

All filter systems and filter pumps have a sound pressure level* of < 70 dB(A).

*The emission volume is comparable to a large household appliance.

In this case, the filter medium used is often contaminated. The filter medium used (quartz filter sand or filter balls) is subject to a certain amount of wear and tear, even when operated as intended under optimal conditions, and should be replaced at regular intervals, depending on the operating time and degree of contamination. For sand filter systems, switch off the pump and then set the filter setting to ‚Rückspülen/backwash'. Switch the filter system on again. Carry out the backwash process until clean water comes out of the backwash line (max. 2 minutes). When using Filter Balls, do not backwash. If the filter performance decreases, we recommend washing the Filter Balls by hand. If necessary, the Filter Balls should be replaced. In cartridge filter systems, the filter medium should be changed approx. every 2 weeks.

If the pressure is too low, the pre-filter is dirty and the pump is not getting enough water. Clean the pre-filter and check the suction line and the water level.

If the sand is newly filled in, or the sand is already very fine due to the use of several seasons, small sand particles may still be present. The solution is to backwash several times until the water comes out clear, or to fill in new sand.

The filter system should always be the first part in the water treatment system. The rest of the pool accessoires should only be connected after the filter system. A heat pump should ideally always be the last part in the water treatment system, so that the filtered, treated water flows through the heat pump and the path of the heated water into the pool is as short as possible.

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