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Ice pressure pad

  • High quality plastic
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant
  • Efficient protection against damage to masonry in winter
  • Quick and easy connection due to pre-mounted hooks

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Product information

The optimal tool for winterising your pool. Ice pressure pads prevent the formation of ice on the water surface of your pool. As soon as the water surface freezes, the individual ice formations are pressed together. The pressure of the surface is therefore not transferred to the pool walls, so the ice pressure pads efficiently protected the pool from damage to the masonry. The individual ice pressure pads can be connected quickly and easily with the pre-mounted hooks.  Depending on their size and shape, the ice pressure pads are hung in the pool. The quantity of ice pressure pads required must be adapted to the size of the pool.

Recommended placement: 2 x diagonally across the pool for small pools, parallel to one long side and one wide side for large pools.

49,00 x 5,00 x 23,50 cm (L x W x H)

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