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Nano cleaning sponge twin pack

  • Cleans without use of chemicals
  • Nano technology
  • Suitable for all types of plastic parts and swimming pool liners
  • Ecological cleaning solution
  • Fragrance free, colourless, free from poisons or irritants

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Product information

This special cleaning sponge with nano technology will remove dirt from plastic liners in your pool without using any chemicals. The ecological cleaning solution works without scent and additional cleaner. It is colorless, free of toxic and corrosive substances. The Nano cleaning sponge is suitable for all pool liners.


Instructions for use: Lightly dampen sponge. Rub the surface to be cleaned using a circular motion.

Abmessung: 12 x 4 x 8 cm

FAQs for Nano cleaning sponge twin pack:

Yes, this is the main advantage of this cleaning process. You do not need any additional cleaning agents - only water.

FAQs from category Manual pool cleaning:

These telescopic poles as well as the connections are standardised throughout Europe. You can also use a telescopic pole from our company with a third-party brush and vice versa.

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