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Chlorine dosage float Maxi

  • For use with pool chemicals tablet size up to 200g
  • Dosage can be adjusted manually using dosage slit
  • Can be folded up for space-saving storage

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Product information

Floating dosage container for use with common pool chemicals in tablet form, up to size 200 g. Adjustable ring to control chemical dosage comes as standard.

Dimension: 18 x 18 x 17,50 cm
Dosage tablet: 5 - 200 g
Suitable for salt water:

FAQs from category Dosing aids:

If you put the chlorine tablets directly into the water, the chlorine will attack the liner, discolouring it and making it brittle. Irreversible damage not covered by any warranty may occur. All our dosing floats have an adjustment ring - to adjust the release to the pool water. Alternatively, you can also put the tablets into the skimmer.

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