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Abmessung: Ø 3,8 x 450 cm
Schlauchspezifikation: Fixed length 450 cm
Anschlussgröße: Ø 38 mm
Salzwasser geeignet: yes
UV-beständig: yes
Chlorbeständig: ja

Dimension: Ø 3,8 x 450 cm
Hose specification: Fixed length 450 cm
Connection size: Ø 38 mm
Salt water suitable: yes
UV resistant: yes
Chlorine resistant: yes

FAQs from category Hoses:

Yes, but note that the hose must be cut straight, deburred and cleaned. In addition, more glue has to be applied. It is easier with the appropriate adapter screw connection.

This is not intended. There are sufficient possibilities to create transitions, the parts required for this are listed in our brochure ("Individual components Styrofoam pools").

It is best to use our 2" double nipples ( 062085) - Please note that you also need flat gaskets for sealing ( 0409331).

This can sometimes happen due to production reasons; please refer to our notes in the operating instructions. Weak dripping is best eliminated by wrapping Teflon tape over the affected connections.

This is due to the fact that the seals are lubricated inside with a lubricant - on the one hand for sealing and on the other hand so that the components can be adjusted more easily (plastic on plastic). After the first couple of turns, the lever will turn smoothly.

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