Airbed Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort-Plush Elevated


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  • Dimension:
  • Power supply:
  • Material thickness:
  • Material thickness bottom:
  • Material thickness side:
  • Inflating time:
  • Cable length to device:
  • Load capacity:

Dimension: 203 x 152 x 46 cm
Power supply: 220-240V~ / 50Hz
Material thickness: 0,56 mm
Material thickness bottom: 0,42 mm
Material thickness side: 0,56 mm
Inflating time: 4 min
Cable length to device: 1,55 m
Load capacity: 272 kg

FAQs from category Airbeds:

Dispose of your airbed/pool liner or pool liner at a waste collection center. Disposal of the airbed, pool liner or liner pool is not covered by the warranty and must therefore be carried out independently. Any costs incurred for disposal must be borne by the customer. Note: The defective airbed/pool liner or pool liner does not have to be returned to us.

The approximate size of the inflated air bed is shown on the carton of the INTEX air bed. INTEX always measures the maximum dimensions (outside-outside) and not the lying area alone. Make sure the air bed is adequately inflated before measuring. Also take into account the side bulge, whichever side you measure on. All sizes are approximate values that depend on pressure, temperature, etc. A measurement deviation +/- is entirely possible, due to manufacturing and material.

Make sure that the airbed actually has a hole. Expansion is a natural property of new vinyl. Especially in the beginning, the bed may expand, and to the customer it may seem like it is losing air. It simply stretches under your body weight, the temperature difference, etc., which is normal for the first use. To check for holes in the mattress, make sure the plug and cap are tight and securely closed, replace if necessary. To check for holes in the mattress, use liquid soap, put it in a water bottle and spray it on the seams. If there is a hole it will bubble. (Detergent or washing up liquid will not work as they do not have a bubbling effect). After you have found the hole, clean and dry the area, removing the flocked surface with a fine sandpaper if necessary. Then apply the repair patch to the area to be repaired.

The repair patch is intended for vinyl surfaces only. However, fine sandpaper can be used to gently rub the velour. Then clean this area with nail polish remover. Then the repair patch should hold.

The airbed can be washed with mild soap and water. Use a sponge or a soft brush to wash the airbed. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Do not use the airbed in water. Water penetration can be harmful to some materials used in the manufacture of the coating. DO NOT wash the airbed in the washing machine.

Air beds can be placed on any usable slatted frame. However, you will get the best result on a firm base.

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