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Why is it advisable to use a bypass-set and an additional filter pump?

Regardless of the filter system used, an additional filter pump can be used to create an efficient circuit that can help to save energy. The heat pump itself is controlled via the operation of the charging pump (e.g. via a timer or solar). There is therefore a separate pump for the heating circuit, which is controlled according to the set temperature in relation to the pool water temperature, the return temperature and the solar radiation.

For an even more efficient use of the heat pump, we recommend our Steinbach bypass-set (art. no. 060045). With this set, you can regulate the water flow and the water circuit individually.

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Things to know about the pool heat pump

By using a heat pump, the pool water is slowly heated up to the desired temperature. The air heat pump of the Waterpower series from Steinbach is available with a heating capacity of 5100 watts and 8000 watts with a cooling capacity of 3400 watts and 6000 watts. The cooling function is already included in the Waterpower series at no extra charge. The temperature rise per hour depends on several factors and varies depending on the size of the swimming pool and model of heat pump. At 10 cubic metres, the pool water of the heat pump with 5100 watts output heats up by an average of 0.4 degrees and by 0.7 degrees with the 8500 watts output heat pump per hour. Please note: the larger the swimming pool, the longer it takes to heat the pool.

By using an air heat pump, the swimming season can start as early as spring and be extended into autumn. In the summer months it is usually not necessary to use a pool heater, as the sun and the outside temperature heat the pool water sufficiently.

The Waterpower 5000 heat pump can heat or cool pools with a water capacity of up to 30,000 litres, whereas the Waterpower 8500 heat pump can heat or cool up to 55,000 litres. The operating principle is relatively simple and effective: the heat pump draws energy from the ambient air and transfers it to the pool water, which then begins to heat up. The heat exchanger is made of stainless titanium for a long service life. The air heat pump is also suitable for salt water pools due to the titanium heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a device to transfer the heat from two separate liquids.

The installation of an air-heat pump is possible at any time, even at a later date, but in this case a bypass is necessary. The bypass is used for the targeted control of the water flow and is used for heat pumps as well as for solar systems. All data and functions can be called up quickly and easily via the integrated control system with LCD display.